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Welcome to Healthriseup!

Dear friends,

Everyday we meet people that face unemployment problems which put them in an extremely embarrassing financial situation.  Somehow, they manage to deal with their daily feeding but they have completely neglected checking their health.  Not being able to visit a medical practitioner, make a medical examination or be medicated, those people are not able to control their fate... with all the consequences for them!

It was not a long ago, since I had a quite serious health problem. Then... a helpful hand, a human being, stood by me and helped me recover and take control of my life again.

This is why Health Rise Up was born.  To help fellow human beings that face difficulties in assessing medical care and medicament, especially those who suffer from diabetes and its implications to eye-sight, kidneys, veins etc. and who are completely unable to confront those implications.

The purpose of Health Rise Up is to financially assist those patients so that, even if they are not completely cured, they will be able to have tolerable and decent standards of living.

With our active participation, I consider that smiling will return those people's face that, under different circumstances, would have no hope. All together, we will offer them relief and a better life!

To us, in Health Rise Up, human being and its health is in the center of attention.

With best regards,
Malamas Panagiotis
President of Health Rise Up

In memory of the man who stood silently at me as in many others, I must continue the work left in the middle

                                                                                                     Thank you!


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